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Vizlib Container Grid v2.12.0 released!

Release Date: 28/04/23

- [LIB-12362]: Remember Tab state when coming back from the Selections menu

Now using the Vizlib Container Grid you can go from Analyse mode to the Selection menu and back without loosing the tab state you left the Vizlib Container Grid on. 

- [LIB-12362]: Remember Container Tab on bookmark

When creating a Bookmark and you are on a different tab other than the default tab, the newly created Bookmark Remembers the tab that was visible on the Vizlib Container Grid.

You must select "Save layout" when creating a bookmark to save the Tabe state within the bookmark.

- [LIB-12425]: Unable to view the export options in Qlik SaaS Government

When right-clicking on the Container Grid in Qlik SaaS Government, the Export option for tables within was not being displayed.

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