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Ability to plot multiple series Vizlib Scatter Plot

Often, we need to plot multiple series in in the same scatter plot:

One example:

Series 1: Plot dX vs dY where dX = [dx1, dx2,......, dxn], dY = [dy1, dy2, ...., dyn], dxi and dyi are not equidistant. 

Then over lay another series.

Series 2: Plot fX vs fY wehre fX = [fx1, fx2, ...., fxn], fY = [fy1, fy2,....,fyn] and fxi, fyi are not equidistant.

Both series can have different color and different bubble or symbols.

Both X and Y axis shold be customizable to have equivalent scale.

One example plot is created in the attached excel and with to produce the same plot.

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