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Alternatives in Straight Table

Would it be possible to have Alternatives added to the Vizlib Straight Table? 

Qlik now offers a table with the option to add Alternative dimensions and measures (added to Qlik Cloud May 16th 2023), and it would be super helpful if this was also added to Vizlib Table so we don't have to give up on this super useful option just to keep using the Vizlib Library table.

Qlik's version looks like this as per the What's New page (note that it also includes paginated scrolling at the bottom):


  • Hi Or,

    Thank you for this Feature Request.

    We will see how our priorities advance with this task but for the time being, we offer a comprehensive solution which still provides a richer product experience overall which is the Custom Report from the Self-Service bundle.

    We will keep you and the followers of this ticket updated with any progress where we see fit.

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#39364) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
  •  Thank you, Luke.

    What we're looking for is not really covered by Custom Report. We are looking to continue using our existing tables, with all of their design and customization options, but with the ability for users to easily switch a handful of fields in an our as required by their business needs. Support for a developer-designed table (advanced coloring and styling, column widths, etc) is not really available as part of Custom Report, as far as I know.

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