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"Short" and simle Excel Export menu

While comparing Vizlib Finance Report v3.16.3 with Vizlib Custom Report v6.4.2, a customer has noted that the "Download as..." menu is slightly different between these 2 objects - in the first case, the menu selection is Download as... -> Export to Excel and an Excel file is then directly saved to the client.

In the second case, the menu selection is Download as... -> Export Data -> An intermediate dialog box ("Click here to download your data file") -> file downloaded.

I have searched all properties in both objects without finding a way to adjust this - is there any way (at all) to obtain the same export menu (with fewer mouse clicks at the user end) for Custom Report as for Finance Report?

If not, can you pls. consider changing the "Download as..." export menu in Custom Report (and preferably other objects as well) to work in the more "direct way" (i.e. with fewer mouse clicks) ?

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