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Vizlib Custom Report v6.4.3 released!

Release Date: 18/05/23

- [VSS-11495]: Allow Custom Report layout to be saved in bookmarks by adding option for variables in "Create bookmarks"

For actions (in Customizable Buttons), we have added two new settings in "Create Bookmark". 

1. The bookmark can now have a custom title and description. 

2. Include variables. The Custom Report uses variables to store the settings. For that reason they need to be included in the bookmark to be saved. Always check this box for the "Create Bookmark" action when using it with Custom Report.

This solves the issue of layout not being applied consistently in bookmarks when Custom Report was used in multiple browsers. For example when using a mash-up and native Qlik Sense at the same time. 

Note: The functionality of including variables in bookmarks was very recently added to Qlik Sense user interface but will this feature will work in at least a few earlier versions too since the functionality was there earlier in the API. Check carefully that it works with your version of Qlik Sense, especially if you are on an older version than May 2022. 

Note 2: For those interested in the technical aspect, this is not to be confused with the functionality of including one specific variable in a bookmark. That is what Custom Report has always used to specify that the variables it uses and saving them in bookmarks. This new functionality of including variables in bookmarks saves all variables in the bookmark. For that reason, use it only when necessary or if there are not many variables in the application.

- [VSS-11551]: Adding Dimensions/measures to Dataset impacts Existing Presets/Bookmarks

When adding additional dimension or measures to an existing dataset in certain ways the presets would contain the wrong values or not work at all. For example this happened when adding a new item by drag and drop in the editor but also in some cases when underlying data structure changed.

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