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Vizlib Bar Chart v4.2.1 released!

Release Date: 22/05/23

- [LIB-12670]: Vizlib Bar Chart Not Loading

Some users were experiencing an error which resulted in the bar chart taking much longer to load or stop rendering.

- [LIB-12583]: Very light font color and limit to show fix number of ticks is not working after update

We have improved the readability of our tooltips for the vizlib bar chart

- [LIB-12420]: Viztips not displaying in stacked Bar Chart

We have improved the code of the Viztips to account for stacked bar charts.

- [LIB-12402]: The legend title is not centered

There was a problem for some users where they would experience their legend text being uncentred.

- [LIB-11146]: Full screen icon can't be disabled

You can now hide the Full screen icon using the BAr Chart's property panel.

- [LIB-12581]: Show only top condition missing after update
When upgrading from v3 to v4, the option in the ‘Data downloading’ would be different. We have ensured that this is fixed and remembers your options correctly.

- [LIB-12582]: Y-Axis disappeared after update
When you have a small-height Bar Chart on the page, upgrading from v3 to v4 would result in the Y-Axis disappearing.
We have added an option to ‘Force show axis’.

- [LIB-12584]: Defined color for a master item dimension changed after update
Following consistency with Qlik Sense. The Vizlib Bar Chart prioritises master colors in the same way as Qlik;

- [LIB-12586]: Tooltip font faded and not clearly visible
There were some inconsistencies with the tooltip color which we have resolved and improved the clarity and readability of the Tooltip

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