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Vizlib Line Chart v5.4.0 released!

Release Date: 26/05/23

- [LIB-12122]: Auto Place Data Driven Annotations

Auto placement of the Line Chart's Annotations has seen a major overhaul and with the benefit of better placement of the Data Driven annotations. These Annotations can understand surrounding lines and better place themselves.

NOTE: Curved line styles and other complex line, or, many lines may result in a harder placement of these Annotations.

- [LIB-11656]: Scrollbar update 

As seen with the Bar Chart release in v4.2.0 you have the options to change the scrollbar for the Vizlib Bar Chart found in Appearance > Presentation > Scrollbar type. We now have the following options

  • Mini chart

    • Presents a mini-cart scrollbar which can be interacted with by scrolling and resizing

  • Advanced

    • You can interact by scrolling and resizing

  • Basic

    • You can only interact by scrolling (This is a fixed with determined by the number of bars you want to show by the 'Set Threshold Limit' property)

(example of what the Bar Chart looks like)

- [LIB-12652]:  Stack feature is not working

Users who are upgrading from Line Chart <= v5.3.0 and were using the 'Stacked' feature of the Line Chart must use this version or greater as an error resulted in the stacked feature not working correctly. 

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