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Custom Report Group Sorting

In v6.4.3 Custom Report, there is an option to sort groups. However, the group sorting does not always save in the specified order. Please have the group sorting order saved with the default setting. The group sort should persist on save, reopen, and publish to a stream.

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  • Hi Ann,
    to clarify just in case there is a misunderstanding of the request.

    The setting for Sort order of groups is saved with the report and will therefor appear on the default state when the report first opens. This should survive reload of the page as well as publishing the application.

    Sort order of groups is however not included in Presets and Bookmarks since the change of group sort order is not possible for the end users.

    See the attached video of how changing groups sort orders works and is kept after page reload. (After changing the sort order do not forget to press Apply changes before leaving edit mode!)

    Should I understand this request as wanting the options to save different group sort orders in Presets and Bookmarks too or is something not working as you expect in the current functionality?

    Kind regards


    Please note your unique ticket reference (#39614) and URL

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