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Vizlib Pie Chart v2.0.0 released!

Release Date: 06/06/23

Vizlib Pie Chart v2 has been released!

This release contains many improvements from improved loading times, and an improved code which will allow for quicker resolution of bugs, faster working of current features as well as quicker implementation of new Feature Requests

Please note:

With the release of Vizlib Pie Chart version 2.0.0, you may notice some changes to how things look and some properties from the Property Panel may have been removed or merged into other features if they were previously labelled as being 'Deprecated'. We did this to make the product more user-friendly and functional. We recommend comparing your current version with the new one even though features have been thoroughly QA'd to ensure a smooth transition from versions <2.0.0 to version >=2.0.0.

- [LIB-12606]: Measure Tooltip display the Variable name

In the Pie Chart the tooltip would display the Variable name as the actual variable name and not the value it was meant to be.

- [LIB-12748]: Pie chart not rendering in the Vizlib Custom Report

Some users would encounter an issue where the Pie Chart was not rendering in the Vizlib Custom Report.

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