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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Input Form v4.11.0 released!

Release Date: 08/06/23

- [CLB-2730]: Multiple Choice Dropdowns

Every dropdown like column has now possibility to accept multiple values. Feature is not allowed when associated fields are used or when dropdown is using numeric typed values.

- [CLB-3983]: Data Refresh options

We added new option to allow to disable table from automatic data refresh. This feature might come handy when multiple users are working on a single app and application is reloaded frequently. Setting 'Refresh on data update' to Manual will change Writeback Table behavior and it will ignore data updates that comes from Qlik until user will make an attempt to Writeback Data. It's important to understand, that once user starts to edit data in table, it will freeze current dataset even if selections are being changed. User can then manually click on the button to force table to update visible rows.

- [CLB-4136]: [Writeback Table] Bug fixes to undo/redo

- [CLB-4195]: Writeback using SQL triggers fails with "export failed" error

Issue has been resolved. Note: There is an important limitation, that using triggers on insert may have significant effect on performance when multiple records are inserted in a single writeback operation.

- [CLB-4259]: Vizlib Writeback - Performance improvements

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