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Vizlib Server v4.11.0 released!

Release Date: 08/06/23

This version introduces quite a few changes, including Node upgrade, which removes possibility to rollback to previous version if desired. We strongly recommend to:

- make a backup of your environment before applying this update

- trying it out first on a development environment

- [CLB-3963]: Writeback Destinations - Limiting apps and sheets 

When editing destinations they can be setup to only be accessible when connecting from published sheets. If a user tries to connect to it by duplicating a sheet, they will face connection error and Writeback Table / Input Form will be blocked.
It is also possible to specify whitelist of applications that are allowed to connect. Applications that are not white-listed will be rejected when connecting to the destination.

- [CLB-3801]: Improved Permission checks in Vizlib Management Console

When accessing destinations screen users will immediately see error indicators with detailed information. This change applies for both Vizlib Server for Qlik Cloud and for the on-premise version.

- [CLB-3853]: Improved Vizlib Management Console Dashboard

An additional panel with Extensions information has been added. It allows users with root admin role to inspect and fix issues with particular extensions - e.g. if for some reason Custom Property VZB_Server_Url was removed from them or its value does not match Vizlib Server's configuration. In case of errors, warning indicators are clickable and related to the underlying configuration in Qlik Sense.
Same feature has been added for the Content Security Policy entries for Qlik Sense SaaS.

- [CLB-4251]: Vizlib Server - Custom TLS Ciphers 

We extended the screen with TLS options to display ciphers that would be used by Vizlib Server depending on chosen configuration. If the security policy in your company disallows usage of predefined sets of ciphers, you can override used ciphers by setting VIZLIB_CIPHERS environment variable inside C:\Program Files\VizlibServer\setup.xml file.

- [CLB-3914]: Finance Comments on Qlik Cloud with Vizlib Server

Rumors say that the entire world is moving towards the cloud... so are our Finance Comments! Known and loved feature is now also available in an enterprise grade class for Qlik SaaS customers!

- [CLB-4115]: Writeback - Rest destination - support for untrusted certificates

In some rare cases you might want to configure REST integration to intranet endpoint that is being served with a self signed certificate. We added a setting that can be enabled to skip certificate check when sending requests to such endpoints. Should be used only if necessary!

- [CLB-4138]: Vizlib Server for Qlik Cloud - User Roles search

We added a possibility to filter for users in both Collaboration and Finance Users pages in the Vizlib Management Console.

- [CLB-4262]: Node upgrade to version 16.16.0

The underlying Node version has been upgraded to version 16.16.0. Within one of the upcoming releases we will upgrade to version 18.

- [CLB-3854]: Finance Report Scheduler - report in constant 'executing schedule' phase with errors in logs

- [CLB-4224]: Vizlib Server - Issues with time-zone info when using Ms Sql database

- [CLB-4293]: Vizlib Server for Qlik Cloud- transferring ownership for VMC writeback destination timeout

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