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Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus v1.7.1 released!

Release Date: 07/07/23

- [LIB-12599]: Blank input fields so the styles don't change in sheets that have styling already applied

It's now possible to toggle advanced coloring options on or off.

Important information:

Re-Release Features from v1.7.0

- [LIB-12599]: Sheet Selection Menu styling

With this latest release, you can change the Qlik Selection Menu using the Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus on both Qlik Sense Enterprise and Qlik Sense Cloud.

By going to Appearance > Selection Menu, we present you with a number of options to allow you to change the appearance of:

  • The selection Menu

  • Selection tiles

  • Border

  • Icons

  • And more.

We have done this to ensure you can create a dashboard with outstanding customisation options to get that Mashup aesthetic within your Qlik Environments.



If you are using Qlik Themes, then you may encounter colors being overridden by the properties from the Sheet Menu Plus.

[LIB-12654]: Sheet Actions missing Before/After option

To ensure consistency between the Sheet Menu and Sheet Menu Plus, we have added a missing feature, the Before/After Action.

- [LIB-12623]: Nested URL iFrame link opens as a new page

When using the Open URL option in the Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus and using the extension within an iFrame in a mashup, the option “Open in the same window” doesn’t open the URL in the same browser window but instead opens it in the iFrame.

This has been resolved to open URLs within the browser window, not the iFrame.

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