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Vizlib Table V3.19.1 Actions issue

I have added 2 actions in a Vizlib Table column action and the order is as below:

Set Variable

Selection in Field.

 And when doing the testing I also display the variable value to make sure the selection in field is correct. and I noticed that I am not getting the result I would have expected.

My expectation is that by clicking the column first I update the variable value to say "A" then I can confirm this action by seeing the display of the "A" in my textbox. and I should be expecting the field value be changed to "A" as well. but the second expectation did not come true as it still display the previous value. and when I click the column again to change the variable value to "B" then the selection in field is updated to "A" instead of "B". seems like there is a delay in the selection in field action.

Has anyone experienced the same or did I miss anything? thanks

  • Hi Ronald,

    I haven't been able to replicate this issue described.

    I've set two actions, the same as you in my measure, and when I select the Measure, the variable is set, and the selection is made.

    Can you look at my video to see what I'm missing? 

    Please note. The video type is a WEBM, so it must be downloaded and dragged into your browser toolbar to play. 

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#40106) and URL

    Daniel Adesanya
    Technical Support Engineer
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  • Hi Ronald,

    How are you doing? To introduce myself, I am Luke, the PM of Vizlib Library, and I know you are struggling to have the Actions behave in the way you want.

    Now I can understand how this was raised as a Vizlib issue; however, after extensive testing, I can confirm the following. 
    This is not a Vizlib issue, but instead a Qlik issue regarding the function of Applying the selections in the configuration you provided.

    So I have attached an application that you can experiment with to show that this issue is Qlik related. (As an FYI, Vizlib used the Qlik actions which you have used in 

    How do I know this is a Qlik issue?
    I have replicated the same actions used in the Vizlib Table and Vizlib Button within the Qlik button. I have set the variable to "Access Card" to get a consistent response each time (this makes testing easier).
    • This is so I can control the response and ensure what is being applied WILL set the variable.
    When clicking either the Vizlib Table/Button, you must select the row/button two times for the selection to be applied in the table on the right.
    The Qlik actions (which is what Vizlib use, but we rename them) are then applied the same way to the Qlik button.

    Okay, so now this is How to test,

    First (vizlib)...
    1. Click on one of the Vizlib buttons.
    2. You will see that the issue is the same. You will have to click a few times to get something working.
    Now (qlik)...
    1. Refresh the app
    2. now click the BIG Button that says 'button'. This is the Qlik button.
    3. You will see you will need to qlik 2+ times for the variable to apply "Access Card".
    One of our developers has also suggested the following so please decide if this is something you would like to follow up on.
    If it is their use case why don’t they just use the dimension value to make a selection instead? This approach works perfectly fine:
    Notice that only the Field Value was changed from “='$(vRelated)'“ to “=TBName”.
    The “Set variable” action isn’t needed anymore after this change.

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#40106) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
  • Hi Ronald,

    Our developer also told me that we have influence over how we can use and develop the actions.
    Please do try out the suggestion from the Vizlib developer and get back to us as we can assist you further if this does not solve your query.

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#40106) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
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