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Enable Ability to Edit Column Headers in Custom Report Tables

It would be very helpful for users to be able to edit the column headers when creating custom report tables to display a custom label other than the default dimension/measure label provided by our staff. For example, if the dimension label is 'Name' and the end user wants to modify the column header or alias the column header to read 'Full Name'

  • Hi Rob,

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  • Hi Rob,
    It would probably be going beyond the intended use-case of the Custom Report to change calculations and labels. Perhaps giving the users developer access might then be a better option?
    However, it is definitely possible to do. :-) 
    Attached is an app that shows what you are asking for is already possible using regular Qlik logic. Take a look at the sheet "Dynamic expression with label" to get some inspiration on one way to achieve it. (You would probably want to create some variation of that solution but hopefully it is enough to give you an idea on what to do.)

    Kind regards


    Please note your unique ticket reference (#40393) and URL

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