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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Input Form v4.12.1 released!

Release Date: 31/07/23

- [CLB-3956]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Possibility to restrict non-server side destinations

In most enterprise-grade environments Writeback Tables and Input Forms should connect with Vizlib Server for maximum control. Serverless connections in those environments can be confusing and caus errors. For that reason there is now a possibility to remove the option to use server-less QVD destinations from being used. The option is found in the System Settings/Security section of the Vizlib Management Console.

- [CLB-3989]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Reset global and custom colors in property panel
Use one click to easily revert to the default color setup without a need to manually change multiple settings.

- [CLB-4105]: [Writeback Table] Average function in Live Totals

A new aggregation function has been added for columns containing numerical values. It is now possible to use Average with Live Totals.

- [CLB-4275]: [Writeback Table] Wrap text on column header when using spreadsheet mode

For consistency, the text in the column header can be wrapped also in spreadsheet mode.

- [CLB-4109]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Tooltip is active after quick mouse movement

- [CLB-4219]: [Writeback Table] Unexpected multiple sheets downloaded when exporting data

- [CLB-4305]: [Writeback Table] Delete column is cropped in non-spreadsheet mode

- [CLB-4352]: [Writeback Table] Calendar pops up with random old date and unable to make a selection

- [CLB-4354]: [Writeback Table] Form view calendar is displayed behind the form dialog box

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