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Reverse Availability

Hello, I use the Vizlib Gannt object to show projects that a Manager is responsible for. So if a Manager has multiple projects then based upon the start and end dates of the projects, I can see when, in the Gannt chart, they have projects. I'm wondering if the view can be easily reversed. Can we see the date ranges where a Manager is not on a project? I'm thinking of a view that only shows their available time. This would help us in scheduling resources for future projects. Sort of flipping the view. 

  • Hi Garrison,

    Thank you for raising this feature request with us at Vizlib.

    This seems like an interesting function. In the meantime, as a potential work around, I would ask you to try the following (note I haven't tested this out so I am unsure of the outcome)...
    Where you have the options for start date and end date, try reversing the order, so where you have the start date field, try inputting the end date, and the same thing for end date, populate that with the start date.

    Another solution would be to upload a different data model which takes the end date from the event and matches the end date with the start date of the next event. This would then get the reverse of the events you have.

    ​As the vizlib gantt roadmap is currently under development it is difficult to assign allotted time to this task without customer validation so I am going to keep an eye on this ticket and follow the interactions

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#40459) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
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