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Custom Report Feature Request

Can we have the option to move the icon that denotes when an item in a group is visible? By moving this icon to the right side of the text, we could maintain a visual alignment of the group/folder titles. If moving the icon isn’t an option perhaps things could be  realigned so that the icon doesn’t indent the group title text when visible?

I have a few other things that I currently handle with CSS but these changes would make customization more accessible to all users:

1. I change the color/text size/font/font-weight of the column headers. This is, I believe is possible on the stand-alone pivot table, but not on the Custom Report.

2. I change the same attributes on the “Totals” line (when its visible).

3. I hide certain aspects of the Analytic search (clear all/microphone) to move visual clutter from the screen.

4. It would be nice if perhaps the analytic search box would flex/auto-size based on how many dimensions/measures are selected (given there is still available space after giving priority to any customizable buttons the dev has set-up).  This would save users from having to grab the tiny scroll bar in the analytic search in order to scroll sideways to move the ‘bubbles’ around or use the filter options.

  • And I failed to upload the photo of the first item, which is the alignment of the active Dimensions/Measures. So here it is:

    (18.2 KB)
  • Hi Scott,
    thank you for the great feedback!

    1. We do not aim to have the same settings as in proper edit-mode of the objects but if you are using CSS and feel comfortable with that it should be possible to do that also on objects inside the Custom Report. Also if there are some settings requested by many users we may add settings for it in a future update.
    2. Same answer as 1.
    3. Clear all is an important feature so I'm not sure we should allow hiding that. Agree on adding an option for removing the mic option though. (Also since that is only available in Chrome browsers.)
    4. In version 6.5.0 we added an option for having multiple rows in the Analytic Search. (Search for multiple in the property panel and you should find the setting.)

    Kind regards


    Please note your unique ticket reference (#40472) and URL

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