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***Feature Request forum tips & guidelines***

Welcome to our Feature Request forums where you can share your brilliant ideas and discuss them with our Vizlib product managers and other Vizlib users!

A few housekeeping rules:

  1. Before posting a new topic please make sure this hasn't been requested already, who knows it may be released already or you can upvote it to get it prioritised!
    You can search using the search widget at the top of this page.
  2. Please include which product your idea is related to and a concise request description in the title (E.g. Vizlib Pivot Table - Request description)
  3. We do our best to include as many ideas as possible in our roadmap and sometimes it can be a lengthy process, so please bear with us!

A note on request status labels:

  • No label: New request that still needs a first review from our product team, or has been reviewed but is awaiting more customer validation, make sure to comment and upvote if you like it!
  •   Planned  : Idea has been considered and added to the product roadmap, however development has not been started yet, upvote it if you feel this should be done soon!
  •   In Progress  : Development is ongoing regarding the requested feature, upvote it if you are eager to see released sooner!
  •   Deferred  : Feature is in the roadmap but has been postponed, please comment and upvote to see it resumed.
  •   Implemented  :The requested feature has been released and can be found in the changelog.
  •   Not Taken  Sadly the request was not popular enough and was not pursued.