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Vizlib Server - The application server must log the enforcement actions used to restrict access associated with changes to the application server. - V-204797

To meet the government's Authorized-to-Operate (ATO) standards, the following STIG requirements need to show in Vizlib Server logs. Without logging the enforcement of access restrictions against changes to the application server configuration, it will be difficult to identify attempted attacks, and a log trail will not be available for forensic investigation for after-the-fact actions. Configuration changes may occur to any of the modules within the application server through the management interface, but logging of actions to the configuration of a module outside the application server is not logged. Enforcement actions are the methods or mechanisms used to prevent unauthorized changes to configuration settings. Enforcement action methods may be as simple as denying access to a file based on the application of file permissions (access restriction). Log items may consist of lists of actions blocked by access restrictions or changes identified after the fact.


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