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Vizlib Server v4.13.0 released!

Release Date: 12/09/23

- [CLB-2787]: Vizlib Management Console - Logs Browser - Audit Logs

We introduced new type of logs that are collected by Vizlib Server called Audit Logs. Those logs are created every time something is changing in Vizlib Server's configuration. In addition they capture events like signing in or out, password change, server restart etc. Root admin access level is required to be able to see the logs.

- [CLB-4316]: Vizlib Server - Logs Browser Improvements 

To allow swifter troubleshooting, we enhanced the capabilities of the Logs Browser screen. It now also allows filtering logs by providing a custom time interval. Apart from that, the current search can be exported to CSV file, which may be helpful when sharing logs with our support or doing internal trouble-shooting across teams.

- [CLB-3894]: Vizlib Server for Qlik SaaS on Windows
Until this point, in order to run Vizlib Server with Qlik SaaS, the tenant had to be configured with a docker container. Starting from this version we also provide a Windows installer, which might be more convenient for customers who are more accustomed to Windows environments. The new option to download is available from our User Portal.

- [CLB-4284]: Vizlib Management Console - Shared access to security rules with VMC Admin level

With this feature Content Admins are allowed to share edit permission to security rules that grants VMC Admin level access to other Content Admins. It might be very handy when distributing responsibilities from individuals to whole teams.

- [CLB-4228]: Vizlib Management Console - Timeout error toast when signing in

- [CLB-4377]: Vizlib Server - issues with generating Finance Report Scheduler

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