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Vizlib Pivot Table v3.8.0 released!

Release Date: 15/09/23

- [LIB-12843]: Text using expressions to define colour by dimension

Line in the release for the Pivot Table v3.6.0 (Changelog link) you are now able to color by expression the text in dimension headers.

- [LIB-11948]: Re-ordering fields in pivot table/pivot table wizard

Reordering fields in the wizard now reflects the changes in the property panel for the Vizlib Pivot Table.

We have also made changed to the way Totals are displayed and interacted with in Edit mode of the qlik app. There is now a switch called 'Remember totals' which, when selected remembers the toggle options of showing totals for dimensions. 

This is controlled via the property panel and in the Setup/Edit wizard.

Also note that the options 'Total position' is now editable regardless of if 'Show all totals' is toggled on or off.

Finally, you can also use the Vizlib Pivot Table when using calculated fields.

- [LIB-11433]: Formatted Export to Excel should reflect the result on screen

A default option is now implemented which will eventually be the default method of exporting to Excel.

Export column width has been implemented to ensure consistency when exporting your Vizlib Pivot Table to Excel from Qlik.

- [LIB-12810]: Add Measure & Dimension Title (Supports HTML) option to the pivot table

Like in the Vizlib Table where you are able to have HTML support for Headers, the Vizlib Pivot Table has this functionality as of this release.

The Pivot Table allows to change the label (with HTML support) for the HEader label and Label (aka pill).

- [LIB-12800]: Add "Rules" indicator range to the Pivot Table Indicator option

Line in the Vizlib Table v3.22.0 release (Changelog link) you can now use advanced rules to calculate your pivot table indicator ranges

- [LIB-12778]: The context menu overlaps the export icon

In Qlik Cloud, the Pivot Table's context menu (on hover) overlapped it's ability to select the export to excel/wizard option.

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