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Vizlib Tiles v2.8.0 released!

Release Date: 19/09/23

- [VSS-11560]: The boundaries for min and max of these charts should be possible to set as calculated once per dimensional value 

Most of you are probably familiar with this setting now. The latest addition of it allows control of the min and max values for gauges and bullet charts. There is now an option to calculate those values once for each individual Tile.

- [VSS-1274] Keep aspect ratio

Sometimes we want objects to scale in size but squares to stay squares and circles to remain circles. With this setting the size of an element can change in size but remain the same shape. You need to decide if you want it to change when the height or width changes. 

- [VSS-1851]: Replacing measures with Master Items retain all settings apart from the expression

From this version it is now possible to replace a measure and still keep all the other settings.

- [VSS-11302]: Add setting to control page size load (optimization options for both small and larger data)

In extreme cases the initial page load was either unnecessarily large or small. For those cases there is now an option to control how many values are loaded. The absolute max is 10k values since that is what Qlik can deliver. 


- [VSS-10851]: Image update on variable change

There was an issue with included images not updating when the variable changed.

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