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Vizlib Line Chart v5.4.1 released!

Release Date: 25/09/23

- [LIB-12987]: Support for NumericalAbbreviation

Defining your own 'SET NumericalAbbreviation' will now be achievable within the Vizlib Line Chart. No settings are required to apply this.

- [LIB-12086]: Data Gaps option does not work 

The Data Gaps option was not functioning correctly within the Vizlib Line Chart. However, this fix has been implemented to appropriately show Data Gaps. 

- [LIB-13061]: Preview Spacing is inconsistent when placed in Vizlib Container

When you place the Line Chart in a VIzlib Container, the Scroll preview had inconsistent spacing.

- [LIB-12138]: Vizlib Line Chart with Tooltips

The Tooltips have seen some significant improvements which improved overall performance.

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