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Vizlib Table v3.23.0 released!

Release Date: 27/09/23

- [LIB-13054]: Actions for Vizlib charts when using Alternate states

When making actions whilst using Alternate states for Vizlib charts, you will now see a new section within the following actions (see list below image). This will control the Action to apply it's action to a determines Alternate state. 

When Alternate state is defined as <Default state> that will apply to all charts that have no Alternate state applied to them.

List of Actions that have Alternate states assigned to them:

  • Unlock all (Unlock all selected)

  • Clear all

  • Unlock and clear all

  • Lock all (Lock all selected)

  • Clear field

  • Unlock field

  • Select possible

  • Select alternative

  • Select excluded

  • Lock field

  • Selection in field


We are rolling this out for other charts. To ensure you're getting the latest features, please keep the extensions upgraded.

- [LIB-12942]: Column Deletion is not reflected on the Table 

When trying to delete a column from the Vizlib Table, the column is removed from the data but not on the visualisation itself.

- [LIB-12860]: Scrolling hid mini charts

When you have several columns with a measure representation of Minicharts, scrolling stops the Minicharts from showing up

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