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Pivot table - Give users the ability to show totals or not per dimension

One feature that would be very nice for our users is to let them choose through the wizard which dimension should display totals (or sub-totals). Today, the only solution we found is to duplicate the possible fields, one without total, one with total with different labels. This is an acceptable workaround when we have few dimensions but this is a bit painful with dozens of them.

  • For dynamic (Self-Service) type reports also check if using the Vizlib Custom Report is a better option. Then you have not only the flexibility with totals but also a lot of additional ways to visualize your data. It will also be very easy to maintain and users can create their own reports using bookmarks.

  • Thanks Michael, yes, I understand, you cannot cannibalise your products. I will have a look. 

  • Great, I hope you like it!

    Perhaps to elaborate a bit, it is not so much about cannabalising as making sure each product does what it is designed for as well as possible. We do have several extensions with significant overlap and are often happy to consider features even when they are present in a different extension.

    However, there is a technical balance to consider. If we were to add all features into one extension it would come with a higher risk of bugs and a slower time to develop new features for it. We want to keep the agility of our relatively nimble extensions.

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