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Map Feature: Ability to Plot Line framing on a Map, at Ground-Level, dropping such a plot as desired

Hello, can we get a map tool that allows line-plotting, e.g. an airframe, on the ground such that Qlik users can plot such shapes as desired?

  • Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for this product suggestion. Please can you provide:

    - Examples of current solutions

    - How this will benefit your compnay

    - What is your usecase

    - Why other Vizlib Users will make use of this product.

    Thank you in advance.



  • Hello Luke,

    Examples of current solutions: we have no solutions at this time; why we are humbly asking you.

    How this will benefit your company: the company is the US Air Force, and it will enable logstics planners to laydown a simulated base on an existing map for planning purposes.

    What is your usecasethe requirement is to be able to simulate an air base by being able to plot airframes, buildings, equipment and so forth on the map to virtually construct the base. I.e., to create a simulated Airforce Base at an airfield on a map with no prior military presence.

    Why other VizLib users will make use of this product: Airforce logistics planners worldwide would benefit from this!

    Very respectfully and with much gratitude,


  • Hi Jonathan!

    I really appreciate the response. 

    So if i can summarise then. You are hoping to have a solution which allows you to view a map - kind of like the map viz from Qlik - but with a capability to freely place objects on this map and perform analysis on top of them?

    So you mention a virtual base, you mean this is something you have sketched up and placed into a Vizlib chart?

    Airforce/Airbase logistics is not a speciality of mine so I am trying to understand existing tools out there which I can go ahead and research to find out how to possibly replicate this within vizlib. If you have resourses/links to current solutions out there on the internet (not just related to qlik) then I would be extremely grateful for your assistance here,

    Many thanks and hear from you soon


  • Yes, exactly, you are welcome, thank you.

    Yes, to be able to plot airframes, place buildings, objects, etc. on a map. After speaking with the main AF logistics planner who has focused considerable R&D on this, there seem no extant tools out there addressing this issue. We think Booz-Allen-Hamilton and a few other companies are building proprietary prototypes to sell to government agencies who need this capacity, but (please forgive the following comedy lol) other than SimCity, Minecraft, and War of Warcraft, there doesn't seem to be an actual tool outside of virtual entertainment games and software architects use that would enable BI users to put plottings, buildings, objects etc. on a map within Qlik.

    Any help would be very appreciated.

    Very respectfully,


  • Hi Jonathan

    Thank you for the clarification, it gives me an excuse to load up games during work now ;) 

    Jokes aside, this is helpful. In all honesty i know we do not have any bandwidth to do it this year so it may be something we look into for next year. 

    I would recommend sharing this feature request with those who may find it beneficial so they to can upvote it. 

    I will keep an eye on this topic.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Jonathan,

    I hope you're well.

    I regret to inform you that, after more consideration and internal discussions, currently, the chances of Vizlib creating a map visualization are quite slim. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Nevertheless, I'd advise you to share your ideas with us. Having a repository of required features will significantly expedite the development and consideration of such an extension in the future.

    Best regards,


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