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Background Color option for other Vizlib extensions like in Vizlib Line Chart

After inquiring for some time about the possibility of having a dark theme for Qlik we figured out a way of allowing the users to select which version of the theme they want to display, either dark or light, which was our ultimate goal for user experience in our Qlik applications. However, we hit a roadblock for this feature, because, for most of the Vizlib chart objects we don’t have a parameter to change the background of the chart and color of the axis labels and lines. Oddly enough we found out that the Vizlib Line Chart and Vizlib Advanced Text Object allow for this customization of the background and axis colors, so we believe this should be a feature available across all Vizlib components as it would allow for a greater level of customization in our application thus adding value to the user experience. We know that it is possible to change the background color of the charts via CSS but that isn’t a viable solution for our purpose because it would imply using a single color for each chart type and that would not allow the color to be changed depending on the theme that is selected, dark or light, or even use different colors in the same chart type without some over the top and overcomplicated solution. 

Bottom line, could you please check and implement the background color feature across all Vizlib chart components like it already exists for the Vizlib Line Chart and Vizlib Advanced Text Object? 

Raising this as a feature request based on conversation we had with support team on this request, please refer below link for more details:


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  • Thank you greatly for this Feature Request. You have clearly explained what you'd like us to implement. 

    Though I can't promise a timeframe for us to begin addressing this task I can say that ensuring usability and UX are a seamless part of our product offerings is an utmost importance. 

    Requests like this help us to identify where our products are missing

    The theme swap from Light to Dark is an interesting use case so i will keep a close watch on this Feature Request. 

    Feel free to share this task

    Thank you kindly


    Vizlib Product Manager

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