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What constitutes a Vizlib User License?

One Vizlib user license allows an individual to use a Vizlib product in their Qlik Sense environment based on their respective UserID and User directory. This is the same whether they are an app developer, app user or end-user. A Vizlib license will account for all use cases for that one named user and is the same as an assigned Qlik Sense token.

As a consequence, if a user has the same User directory/User ID in several environments, then only one Vizlib license will be consumed. 

On the other hand, a user may have the same user ID from different User directories. In this case, separate Vizlib licenses will be consumed. 


QS environment A: 

David Alcobero: User Directory=Vizlib User ID= David.Alcobero 

QS environment B: 

David Alcobero: User Directory=Acme User ID= David.Alcobero 

QS environment C:

David Alcobero: User Directory=Vizlib User ID = David.Alcobero

When David logs into all three QS environments, two Vizlib licenses will be consumed.

UserIDs in the Qlik Sense Server Management console:

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