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How to install the Vizlib extensions on your Qlik Sense Server

  • This article describes the steps required to download and install Vizlib extensions on your Qlik Sense Server.

If you are using Vizlib Printing - please also refer to this article. If you are receiving an error "Invalid Visualisation", please click here for a solution.

If you have been a Climber customer using Custom Report Plus or Container Plus. Make sure to read this article.

1. Login to your user portal

First step to install Vizlib is to log in to your User Portal using your Vizlib credentials and select the extension pack you want to install. If you want to install multiple packs, repeat the process for each pack.

You are required to create Vizlib Account to access the downloads (Sign up here).

2. Download the entire pack or individual extensions

In the Vizlib user portal you have the following options:

Download the full pack with all extensions:

Downloading the full Vizlib pack will include all available extensions for that pack in a single .zip file. 

Recommended if it's your first time downloading Vizlib.

Download individual Vizlib extensions:

This will download only the selected Vizlib extension in a .zip file. 

Recommended if you already have the Vizlib Library installed and you wish to update only one extension.

Multi-version (Vizlib Subscribed User only):

Subscribed Vizlib accounts will have the option to select fixed versions they wish to deploy to their Qlik Sense Server. 

It's highly recommended using fixed versions of our Vizlib Library and extensions in production.

On-Premise (Vizlib Enterprise Customers only):

Vizlib Enterprise customers have the option to download Vizlib in offline mode (code is 100% executed on-premise).

A switch will appear at the top of the user portal which needs to be activated. Once activated, all extensions will turn orange indicating the offline mode of Vizlib will be downloaded.

There is no auto-update mode available when using Vizlib extensions in offline mode.

3. Upload the downloaded .zip file to your Qlik Sense Server QMC (Qlik Management Console):

Access your Qlik Sense server's Qlik Management Console (e.g. https://servername/qmc/) and navigate to the Extensions menu under "Manage Resources":

In there you will have the ability to Import extensions by selecting the downloading .zip file.

All extensions will be imported at once.

Important: Before you import Vizlib extensions, you will need to make sure to remove old Vizlib extensions already installed on your Qlik Sense Server, otherwise the import will fail.

You can remove multiple extensions at the same time if you drag-select multiple items and click the Delete button.

4. Plug & Play - Vizlib Extensions can be used directly from Qlik Sense

Once successfully imported, Vizlib extensions can then be accessed directly from the Qlik Sense client by visiting the Customer Objects tab in Edit Mode:

Please reach out to if you experience difficulties installing Vizlib.

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