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Vizlib Sankey Chart - Overview

Vizlib Sankey Chart is a highly customisable, supported and easy-to-use extension for Qlik Sense which gives you the unique ability to intuitively create and visualize flows and splits between your data.

Officially accredited Extension by Qlik

Supporting one measure and multiple dimensions, a Sankey chart is a specific type of flow diagram, in which the widths of the links represent the metric volume going from one dimension to the other. Vizlib's Sankey Chart is your go-to extension to create beautiful dashboards and charts based on your own data. By controlling the formatting, display, interactivity and labeling, the Vizlib Sankey Chart introduces another powerful and supported visualisation to the Qlik ecosystem.

Vizlib allows you to focus on what you are best at: creating compelling visualizations and dashboards without writing a single line of JavaScript code or introducing silly work-arounds.

Vizlib Sankey Chart
Vizlib Sankey Chart
Vizlib Sankey ChartVizlib Sankey Chart

Vizlib Sankey Chart
Vizlib Sankey Chart
Vizlib Sankey Chart

Vizlib Sankey Chart
Vizlib Sankey Chart


  1. Fully customizable Sankey Chart with rich formatting options 
  2. Transitions between selection states for a better understanding how your data is filtered 
  3. Innovative interactivity modes: Zooming, Vertical Dragging, Re-arranging Dimensions 
  4. Sorting of dimensions 
  5. Lots of Coloring options, by node, dimension or measure 
  6. Support for Alternative Dimensions & Measures 
  7. Full interactivity support and ability to make the chart read-only 
  8. Support for Alternate States 
  9. Conditional Show/Hide of Dimensions for a full Drill-Down experience


Download the Vizlib Sankey Chart here.

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