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Vizlib Filter Properties - Interactivity

Interactivity settings provide you with a set of options to control user interaction in Vizlib Filter.


Selection Mode

Selection mode allows you to disable Read Only mode in Vizlib Filter by choosing Allow Selections (Figure 1). You can enable a Quick Select function, and choose one of 3 selection modes:

  • Multiselect - you can select multiple values at once. 
  • Sheet level always one selected - you can select and deselect 1 value at a time. If the default selection (see General Options) is undefined, no values are selected for the initial state. 
  • Filter level always one selected - 1 value is always selected (no de-selection). If the default selection is defined manually (see General Options), then the first value in the field is automatically selected for the initial state. 

There are also options to Enable Drag Select and Scroll Top After Selection.

Figure 1: Allow Selections

Enabling Quick Select displays a confirmation window in listbox mode for a user to complete their selection (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Confirmation Window

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General Options

General Options settings control the values you display in your visualization (Figure 3). You can choose to Show Alternatives, Hide Excluded values and Hide Dropdown After Selection

Enabling Default Selections allows you to manage the default options displayed when an app opens or a selection is cleared. You can enter your own list of values, but multiple default selection values should be comma-separated with no space. 

You can also enable default behavioural settings Lock Default(s) after selection, Set Default(s) when cleared, Set Default(s) on open, and Run Actions after selection

Figure 3: General Options 

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Search Options

Search Options (Figure 4) has settings to display a Dropdown search and a Search icon, sets the Search icon position and the Search mode

  • Normal  enter text to return matches from the beginning of each value.
  • Wildcard enter text between the asterisks * * to return matches for each value which contains the search string.  
  • Fuzzy enter text after the ~ sign to return matches which most resemble the search string. 
  • Expression - enter a Qlik Sense expression to return matches which meet the conditions contained in the expression.
  • Exact Search - enter text to return only results which match the search string exactly. 

Figure 4: Search Options 

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Icons settings controls Qlik Sense native icons with Show Maximize Icon or Show Snapshot Icon. Note: The Snapshot Icon has been part of the Hover Menu since the Qlik Sense September 2020 release, and is no longer controlled using the property panel.

Figure 5: Icons 

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