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Field Settings

This is where you can choose and pick your filter field, be it a single dimension, a drilldown or a master item dimension

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Beyond that, the field settings will also permit you to configure other powerful properties such as:

Filter Values

Here you have the ability to achieve two things:

1) Hide and show dimension values from the collection of available items using an expression (true() will show the dimension value, false() will hide it). 

e.g. if you add =if(Only({1} Month)='Feb',true(),false()) you will only display dimension values which are available in Feb

2) You can add the Frequency Count to the field value. 
In there you can pick and choose from relative/absolute/percentage frequency representation.

Sort Options 

By default, the field is sorted by its selection state, but in here, you can modify the setting. You can choose sorting by six different ways, including a combination of all six of them. 

It's important to note the defined order of sort properties is fixed by Qlik. 

You can define ascending/ descending sorting by state, choose the way of alphabetical sorting and original/ reversed for sorting by load order.

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