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Vizlib Filter Properties - Dropdown Settings and Styling

Dropdown Settings

The Dropdown settings are very similar to the Listbox settings with some minimal differences.

  • Enable/ Disable Selection Bar
  • Dropdown Label
  • Custom Styling
  • Left/ Right Checkbox positioning

Dropdown Label  

Similar as with the Header in the Listbox, the Dropdown Label will allow you to replace what is displayed in the Dropdown when it is collapsed. 

It usually makes sense.



Here you can change the styling of your Dropdown values with options such as None, LED, Tick

 and Checkbox.

Dropdown Styling

Dropdown Styling sections permits you to change the style of the collapsed dropdown button by changing the background and font color for a better themed look.



Cell Styling

This section permits you to style individual cells of the Dropdown when it's expanded.

It's full of different customization possibilities which categorise themselves into the following sections:

  • Size Settings (Cell-Height)
  • Font Properties
  • Text Alignment
  • Coloring Type (Qlik vs Custom)

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