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Vizlib Filter - Buttongroup Settings and Styling

Buttongroup Settings

The Buttongroup is the third display type of the Vizlib Filter and allows you to visualize selectable dimension values in button format. 

Next, to different styling options, you can also define the positioning and size of the button(group).

Background Type

Style the background color of the Buttongroup chart.

Buttongroup Styling

This section organizes and styles the dimension value buttons as a whole. You can define the following properties:

  • Orientation of Buttons (Horizontal/Vertical)
  • Spacing to increase the distance between the buttons
  • Grouped, to style the button collection as a button group, similar to a horizontal Listbox

Vizlib Filter

Button Styling

This section lets you customize and style the individual button style

It is rich with settings and options catering to any styling requirement or imagination: 

  • Button Size (Width & Height)
  • Border Settings
  • Font Properties
  • Text Alignment
  • Coloring Type (Qlik or Custom)

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