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Vizlib Line Chart - Reference Objects

Reference Lines:

This section describes the various formatting options the user has when using dynamic reference lines in the Vizlib Line Chart.

Value on y-Axis

Set the reference value – expression can be used here. 

Axis Position

Set against which axis (left/right) the reference line will be plotted. 


Give your reference axis a label which will be placed on top of it. 

  • Label Font Color

Choose the label color. 

  • Label Font Size

Set the font-size of the label. 

  • Label Font Style

Decide whether you wish to make the label bold/italic/underlined.

  • Titles Position

Choose between Vertical/ Horizontal titles position.

  • Label Position

Place the label either to the left/ center/ right/ right outer. 


  • Line Color

Choose the line color of the reference line. 

  • Line Width

Choose the line width of the reference line. 

  • Line Style

Decide whether the reference line should be solid, dashed or dotted.


Enable Boarders

The borders can be shown or hidden.

  • Background Color

The  background can be transparent or you can choose any color for it.

  • Border Color

Set the color for boarders.

  • Border Width

Define the boarders width.

  • Radius

By changing the radius of the boarders, you can make it square or circle shaped.


Conditional show for the reference line to display it only when the calculation condition is true.


Value on X-Axis

  • Measure Value

Annotation Axis 

  • (left/ right)


  • Color
  • Font Style
  • Font Size
  • Font Family

Annotation Description

  • Description Color
  • Description Font Style
  • Description Font Size
  • Description Font Family

Annotation Type

  • Annotation Distance
  • Annotation Angle
  • Connector Style
  • Text Padding
  • Annotation Color
  • Circle Radius
  • Double Circle


  • Show Condition 

Conditional show for the annotations to display it only when the calculation condition is true.

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