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Vizlib Line Chart - Interactivity Settings and Alternate States


Interactivity enables the users to interact with the data in the chart as well as navigate throughout the line chart for a better view of the chart.

  • Tooltips

Show/Hides the tooltips 

Known Limitation: Tooltips are disabled when second dimensions are displayed as donuts/pies

  • Tooltip positioning

Choose between Sticky and Cursor positioning. 

  • Tooltip Values

Set Single or Multi values.

  • Tooltip font size

Change the tooltip font size (slider).

  • Animations

Enable the user to select multiple rows and accumulate selections until applied. 

  • Highlighting

Highlight lines on hover over line chart elements.

  • Read only  

When read only is enabled no selections can be made on the chart.

  • Full Screen Icon

Enable and disable the ability for users to maximize objects. 

  • Take Snapshot Icon

Enable and disable the ability for users to take snapshots of this object. 

Alternate States

Alternate States permit you to assign the Vizlib Line Chart to an alternate selection state. 

You can use Alternate States to perform comparative analysis between sets of multiple data items. 

If you want to add the object to master visualizations, you need to set State to "Inherited".

You can show/hide Alternate State Icon.  

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