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Vizlib KPI Designer - Overview

Vizlib KPI Designer is a new approach to a pixel-perfect design of your dashboards for Qlik Sense. Introducing a new layering concept, you have the power to combine charts, metrics and icons into your very own KPI object. With full control over x/y positioning with the possibility to overlap layers, you can practically achieve any desired layout. You can even choose from a selection of pre-loaded templates to get started quickly.

Vizlib KPI Designer

Vizlib KPI Designer

Vizlib KPI Designer
Vizlib KPI DesignerVizlib KPI Designer

Customize and create your very own branded KPI object using Layers such as:

* Text * Icon * Image * Line * Bar Chart * Line Chart * Bullet Chart * Gauge Chart*PirChart*Master Item*Icon Bar*

Text Layer:   Key Layer for any KPI Object as you can add any metric (or supporting metric) of your choice using dynamic Qlik expressions or variables. You can also use the text layer for titles or descriptions.
Vizlib KPI Designer

Icon Layer: Icons can supplement metrics to help indicate whether something is good or bad, allowing you to communicate your message more effectively. They also represent an important design aspect of your KPI, greatly improving the look and feel of your dashboard.
Vizlib KPI Designer

Image Layer: One image says more than a thousand words. Jokes aside, the image layer gives you the opportunity to contextualize your KPI, add more information to it, or simply give the KPI a branded signature by using your team's or company's logo.
Vizlib KPI Designer

Line Layer:  Lines in the Vizlib KPI Designer give you the ability to better organize your KPI and segment different underlying metrics to achieve a better look and feel.
Vizlib KPI Designer

Barchart Layer: With the Barchart layer you can add your very own customized bar chart to the KPI which can be used to communicate additional information much more compellingly than a single KPI metric. As with any of our charts, you have full control over colors, style and layout of the bar chart.
Tip: Use it as a background with reduced opacity.
Vizlib KPI Designer

Linechart Layer: Like with the barchart layer, with the Linechart layer you can add your own customized line chart to enrich your KPI with trend or time series data. As with any of our charts, you have full control over colors, style and layout of the bar chart.
Tip: Use it as a background with reduced opacity.
Vizlib KPI Designer

Bulletchart Layer: The Bulletchart layer is a powerful visual add-on to any KPI as it nicely captures targets vs current performance.
Vizlib KPI Designer
Gauge Chart Layer: The Gauge Chart layer is a natural fit for any KPI dashboard. It proves particularly useful when you need to track progress of a single measure, eg. revenue targets vs actual revenue. With so much talk about "moving the needle" on one metric or another, the Gauge chart finally gives you a neat way to visualise performance against targets.Vizlib KPI Designer
Pie Chart Layer: Pie charts are best used when you want to compare data in a way that is visually pleasant. If you have categorical data, especially nominal or ordinal categories, then using a pie chart on your KPI dashboard would work well, as each slice can represent a different category.
Master Item Layer: With Master Item Layer you can add a complete visualization as a layer to your KPI Dashboard by choosing it from the list of Master Items.
Icon Bar: The Icon bar layer allows you to use icons to measure and indicate ratings, highlighting a proportion of a total amount.  




  • Create KPI Objects with a few clicks using Vizlib KPI Templates. To learn more about working with templates click here. 
  • Choose from ten custom layers to create your very own Vizlib KPI Object.
  • Rich customization and formatting options for each layer including styling and layout options.
  • Support for (multiple) actions to improve the user experience and user interactivity, either on layer level (different actions on different layers) or as a global settings 
  • Choose from a list of existing pre-sets to speed up your Vizlib KPI Object Design process 
  • Pixel-perfect positioning of layers, inclusive responsive design. Overlaying of layer allows for 100% design accuracy. 
  • Dynamic visibility conditions to show or hide layers based on Qlik expressions or variables. 

Download the Vizlib KPI Designer here.

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