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Vizlib KPI Designer - Interactivity Settings and Data Handling


The interactivity section of the property panel lets you control how the user, and you yourself as a developer, interact with the KPI object.

Vizlib KPI Designer

  • Snapping
    Snapping is a design feature which helps you better position and align your layers on your canvas by enabling layers gravity and alignment guides. It will auto-position itself to be horizontally and vertically aligned. 
  • Rescale Layers on Resize
    To ensure your KPI object works on different screen sizes alike, all layers will be adjusted and rescale after resizing the extension object. All layers will be adjusted proportionally to the new object size. If this setting is disabled, the layer sizes will remain static. 
  • Design mode
    When design mode is activated, in edit mode, all layers will have their borders visibly displayed at all times, and not only when you hover over them or select them. 
  • Fullscreen Icon
    Expands the extension object to full screen. 
  • Snapshot Icon
    Takes snapshots of the extension which can be used for story mode.

Data Handling

Data Handling section gives you control over when the Pivot Table is calculated and whether you wish to display or hide zero values.

  • Show Zero Values
    This setting has no effect on the Vizlib KPI extensions.
  • Calculation Condition
    Only calculates the Vizlib KPI Object if this condition is true.

Vizlib KPI Designer

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