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Vizlib KPI Designer Properties - General Setting

There are some settings which are general for layers of all the types. 

You can regulate the visibility and position of every layer, so far as add actions or use pre-sets.


Global Actions

In the Vizlib KPI Designer, you have the possibility to either define actions on a layer level or on an object level. Actions add tremendous power to the Vizlib KPI Designer by permitting you to enrich the user experience with dynamic interactions. On clicking the KPI, any individual layer, your user can make selections, clear selections, and navigate to pre-defined sheets which can become an incredible value-add to your Qlik Sense dashboards.Actions can be added on an individual layer level or as a global setting applied to the whole KPI object. In this part of the property panel, you can add one or multiple actions which apply to the whole object. 
Actions defined here will override individual layer actions.

Vizlib KPI Designer 

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Layer Visibility

Visibility Condition on individual layer level can becomes useful if you only want to display certain parts of the KPI depending on calculation conditions or variables. A typical use case would be the showing of a warning icon when a certain KPI threshold is exceeded.

Vizlib KPI Designer 

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Layer Position 

The position of layer can be defined by moving it to the certain direction with the help of relevant buttons according to the x- or y-coordinates. You can also control the height and width of the layer on the design space.


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Too lazy to create your own KPI from scratch? Use one of our eight available pre-sets which quickly sets up your standardized KPI layers for you to implement, adjust or modify. In the future, you will be able to generate your own custom pre-sets for your Vizlib Library.
Simply select one of the available pre-set and the Vizlib KPI Designer will pre-populate all layers together with their properties, formatting settings and layout position.
Be careful when applying new presets as existing layers get replaced.

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