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Vizlib KPI Designer - Text Layer

Text Layer - is a Key Layer for any KPI Object as you can add any metric (or supporting metric) of your choice using dynamic Qlik expressions or variables. You can also use the text layer for titles or descriptions.

Vizlib KPI Designer

Here is where you can add the main text expression. You can use a static text, Qlik expressions or variables.

Format as number
If your text expression is a metric, you will have the option to format the resulting metric with the format of your choice.

Currency Format
With this setting, you can add a currency of your choice (or any text character) as a pre or suffix.

Similar to Vizlib Table and Vizlib Pivot Table, you can supplement your measures with dynamic indicators. These are icons which are changing depending on a pre-defined threshold, e.g. when a value is above 
or below 0.

You can chose the style of icon among almost 600 different options, as well as change it color, location and space according to the text.



Horizontal Alignment
Horizontally position your text within its layer borders left/centrally/right.

Vertical Alignment
Vertically position your text within its layer borders top/middle/right.

Font Color
Color the text in any font color you like. Supports Qlik expressions.

Font Style
Style your text using bold, underling or 

Font Family
You can also change the typewrite style choosing one the most attractive for you from the font family or defining your own.

Auto Font Size
You can choose to either use a fixed font size for your KPI metric or to responsively adjust its size.

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