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Vizlib KPI Designer Properties - Linechart Layer

Same as with the bar chart, with the Linechart layer you can add your very own customized line chart to enrich your KPI with trend or time series data. As with any of our charts, you have full control over colors, style and layout of the bar chart.

Tip: Use it as a background with added opacity.

Vizlib KPI Designer

Dimensions and Measures

You can control line chart dimensions and measures and sort it by your choice or on auto mode.
Line styling

Line styling section lets you make the line chart layer in the form of line or fully colored area. You can change the Line type from 8 different style options and change it color, opacity and thickness, as well as making the line invisible and regulating the style of area.

Axis settings

You can make x and y axis visible, regulate their styling by changing thickness, opacity and choosing color, as well as adding the ticks and title for each axis and choose their size, color, opacity and font.

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