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Vizlib Slider Properties - Slider Settings

Slider Settings control the style formatting and properties of the Slider. 


Slider Type

Single – the single slider allows you to change a single numerical variable. This means you can control variables from one single place in your application.

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Range  the range slider allows you to select two numerical variables and set a range between these two values. The "from" and "to" values relate to each pointer shown on the range slider.


Min Value – Min Value sets the minimum value for the metric on the left.

Max Value 
 Max Value sets the maximum value for the metric on the right.

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By setting the minimum and maximum values, you set the limits according to which the slider moves.

Value Format 

You can choose the required value format by selecting one of the available formats or setting your own. 

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Currency Format 

You an set a currency format for your slider, if required. 

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Number Formatting

The value format can also be formatted as a number. 


The step property sets or returns the value of the step attribute of a slider control.

The step attribute specifies the size of each movement (an increment or jump between values) of the slider control.

The step attribute is used to limit down the amount of allowed values.

Tip: The step attribute can be used together with the max and min value attributes to create a range of legal values.

You can make the step simple or custom.

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Content Box

By showing Content Box you can choose its position and put it above or under the Slider.

Here you also set the custom content box value.

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