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Vizlib Slider Properties - Appearance

In the Appearance section, you can style the Slider object. 


In the General section, you can add a standard Qlik title, sub-title and footnote.

Shown title and subtitle will appear above the Slider.

The footnote will be shown under your slider object. 

Global Styling

In the Global Styling section, you can modify the border and the background. 

The borders can also be hidden on "sense focus".

Border Styling

By changing the radius of the slider bar, you can make it square or circle shaped.


The global background can be transparent or you can choose any colour for to create contrast with your slider bar.


In the Title section, you can show or hide the title.

You can set a Title value and place it above or under the slider. 

  • Change the title font size of the table in Qlik Sense. (Slider or by expression).
  • Change the font family
  • Change the font style - bold, italic, underline.


In the Scale section, you can set the Scale Settings and Range Icons.

The scale can be shown above or under the slider

Scale Settings

Shown min/max scale grades can be located inline, above or under the slider object. 

  • Change the font colour.
  • Change the title font size of the scale grade in Qlik Sense. (Slider or by expression).
  • Change the font family
  • Change the font style - bold, italic, underline.

The Ticks Scale can also be a different style. 

Scale Ticks and Styling

Scale Line and Ticks can both be styled by applying colours.

You can also set the thickness and opacity of the line, the font size and the style for ticks. 

The scale Line can also be hidden.

Slider Bars

The Pointer divides the Slider Bar into two parts: selected and remaining areas.

You can style every part of the slider object by customising colours for bars and borders. 

The height of each bar part can also be defined.


The Pointer object allows you to change or adjust an input value from the front panel.

You can hide the Pointer or make it visible on the Slider Bar. 

Pointer type

There are several different possible types of the pointer.

You can make it square, circle or line form. 

Icon form can also be chosen among almost 600 different options.

You can also set an image as a pointer, by choosing it from library or by using its URL.

Pointer Style

The Pointer can be styled by changing its size and colour as well as adding borders and defining their thickness and colour.

Background Icon

An Icon can be chosen as a background for the pointer. 

It can be styled by setting colour and size.

Selected Value

The Selected value of the pointer can be hidden or shown.  


The selected value of the pointer can have different positions.

It can be placed inside, below or above the pointer or be controlled with a Tooltip.

Set left, right or middle position for value, located below and above.

The Tooltip position allows you to see the selected value if you move the mouse pointer on it.

You also have the option to permanently pin the value by clicking on the pointer.

Text Styling

  • Change the text colour.
  • Change the font style - bold, italic, underline.
  • Change the font family.
  • Change the title font size (auto mode or by expression).

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