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Vizlib Filter Properties - Vizlib Actions, Appearance, Alternate State, Viztips and Tooltips


Vizlib Actions

Vizlib Actions settings (Figure 1)allow you to integrate Vizlib Actions with Vizlib Filter. You can use multiple actions in the same sheet. To use actions when you're in analysis mode, right-click on the sheet to open the context menu. You can enable Actions to display the settings and also enable actions Use with alternative state to integrate them with Alternate States

Figure 1: Vizlib Actions

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The Appearance settings (Figure 2) allow you to Show Titles, add a Title, Subtitle, and a Footnote. You can also choose to Toggle off hover menu and Show details to include more information about the data you're using.

Figure 2: Appearance

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Alternate State

Alternate State (Figure 3) permits you to assign Vizlib Filter to an alternate selection state. Setting the Alternate States Manager to Show allows you to view the states you've already created, and you can also choose to Show Alternate States Icon.  

Figure 3: Alternate State

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Viztips and Tooltips

If you'd like to include tooltip, you can enable the Tooltips setting in Viztips and Tooltips (Figure 4). 

Figure 4: Viztips and Tooltips

You can select your Viztips Content using the dropdown and use Viztips Settings (Figure 5), to set the width and height. 

Figure 5: Viztips Content, Viztips Settings

If you'd like to know more about working with Viztips, you can find our Overview article here  

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