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Vizlib Table supports up to 100 Dimensions. When you add a dimension you can choose to add a dynamic title with the Field expression, add a custom Label, choose to Include null values, set a Limitation, and add a condition in Calculate column which runs if the condition is met. Visibility Condition is a legacy feature - if the condition is met (an expression can be entered), then the column is hidden in the Qlik Sense hub, but will appear in the export file. 

Figure 1: Dimension


You can add a Dimension Title (using HTML if you need to), show  and set the Tooltip Mode and Tooltip Color for Title Tooltip and set the Tooltip Content and Tooltip Color for Cells Tooltip (Figure 2). 

Figure 2: Title and Cell Tooltip

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You can enable a Title Icon for the table (Figure 3) choosing an icon, an Icon Color and the Icon Position while also customizing the Title Horizontal Alignment and Title Coloring. You can also set a fixed column width with Adjust Column Width

Figure 3: Title

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You can set the Cell Text Color, Cell Background Color, Null Value Bg color and Null Value color, as well as choose the Cell Font style and add a Drop Shadow. There are also settings for changing the Cell Horizontal and Cell Vertical Alignment and an option to use Advanced CSS Styling by entering an expression (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Cell Color, Alignment, CSS Styling

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Column, Border

The last group of dimension settings (Figure 5) let you display the Right Column Border, setting the Border color and Border Thickness, and enable Selections in Dimensions. You can also choose to add Vizlib Actions or add a Master Item

Figure 5: Column Border, Selections, Actions, Master Item

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If you click on Add Action, you'll open the Vizlib Actions settings (Figure 6), where you can Pick Action to select the action you want, enter a Field, set the action to Dynamic / Static and enter a Field Value. The action will run when you select a cell, and you can have multiple actions for the same dimension. 

Note on Actions: If you choose Enable Multiselect in the Interactivity settings you won't be able to use Vizlib Actions with dimensions. 

Figure 6: Vizlib Actions

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