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Vizlib Bar Chart Properties - Presentation

The Presentation settings control the outward appearance of your bar chart. 



The first setting lets you select the chart Type (Figure 1). 

Note: You can only display a chart if you have more added more than one metric or dimension.

Figure 1: Type 

There are different representation types for your chart - Group (Figure 2), Stack (Figure 3) and Overlap (Figure 4).

Figure 2: Bar Chart Group

Figure 3: Bar Chart Stack

Figure 4: Bar Chart Overlap

If you choose Stack you can also enable the Stack 100% settings (Figure 4) to show the stack figures as a proportion of 100% (Figure 5).

Figure 5: Stacked 100%

Figure 6: Bar Chart Stacked 100%

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Orientation lets you choose to display a Horizontal or Vertical bar chart (Figure 7). You can also set the Direction of the y-axis display - Top/Bottom for Vertical or Left/Right for Horizontal (Figure 8).

Figure 7: Orientation

Figure 8: Orientation Example

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Bars Formatting

Bars Formatting (Figure 9) controls the Groupbar Width of individual bars within a group as well as the bar group.

Figure 9: Bars Formatting

You can also define the Radius if you'd like a bar border with more rounded corners (Figure 10).

Figure 10: Bars Formatting Example

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Connected Bars

Connected Bars allows you to enable connector bars between the bars to emphasise the flow of data and pick out related data easily (Figure 11). 

Figure 11: Connected Bars


Connected bars are enabled for Stack chart types and you can control their visibility by setting their Opacity (Figure 12).

Figure 12: Connected Bars Example

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Scroll Preview

Enabling Scroll Preview allows you to view the full set of available bars using a scrolling mini chart (Figure 13). 

Figure 13: Scroll Preview

You can set the Scroll Alignment to the Start or End of the chart, set the Scroll Position to Top or Bottom and use the Max bars before showing scroll to pre-define the scroll range (Figure 14). 

Note: Hiding the scroll will display all the bars and resize them based on the available space.

Figure 14: Scroll Preview Example

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