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Vizlib Bar Chart Properties - X and Y-Axis


X- and Y-axis can both be shown / hidden.


Position the x-Axis to be either at the top or at the bottom and y-Axis to be either left or right. 


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Dimension Titles

  • Hide/Show the dimension titles for both axes.

  • Dimension Title Color

Set the Color of the x-axis Dimension Title.

  • Dimension Title Font Size

Set the font-size fo the dimension title.

  • Dimension Titel Style 

Choose between displaying the dimension title as bold, italic or underline.

  • Show alternative count

Display the number of alternative dimensions.

  • Show drilldown breadcrumbs

Indicate if the dimension is a drilldown.

  • Dimension Labels Position

Display the x-axis dimension labels either horizontally (lots of space) to vertically (little space) or with an angled display in between- tilted.

  • Char Limit

Define the Limit of displayed symbols.

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Axis Styling

  • Font Color

Set the Font Color

  • Font Size

Set the Font Size 

  • Axis Line Color

Set the color of the x- and y-Axis bar

  • Line Thickness

Set the thickness of the x- and y-Axis bar.

For Y-Axis you can also set:

  • y-Axis ticks

Set the number of ticks to be displayed for the x-axis.

  • y-Axis Format

While the numbers might also come in a specify format, this setting gives you the flexibility to format the y-axis separately from the data points. It uses d3.format() setting options.

  • y-Axis range

Here you can set the range of the y-axis. You can choose between having it calculated automatically (by taking the qMIn and qMax of the available metrics values) or setting a custom min/max value.

  • min/max smoothing

This setting ensures that the axis does not begin/end with weird numbers. It smooths the value to ensure the min/max values are rounded to the next “nice” integer. 

  • Scale Type

Choose either Linear or Log scale type.

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