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Color by expression, is located within the data section, within measures, under line color. This offers the ability to color the bar based on any expression, relating to dimensions/measures.

Color Palettes

Set the colors by using a Color Scheme, Custom Colors or Inherit from Master Item. 

Use Color Scheme

Pick one of 8 available colors schemes to paint the collection of lines. 

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Use Custom Colors

You have got the freedom to choose your own collection of colors. This is particularly useful when you wish to be consistent with your corporate colors, e.g.. Just specify a comma-separated list of hex-colors (#4477aa,#7db8da,#b6d7ea,...), and Vizlib Line Chart will loop through it and dynamically assign the colors to the lines. 

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Inherit from master item

To provide improved Qlik Sense compatibility and further our plans to support themes, we have released support for Master Items colors. These will sync with your master items and update as the selected dimension/measure changes color

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Reverse Colors

When a Color Scheme is utilized, you can reverse the order of colors by activating this checkbox. 

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Consistent Colors

After selecting a value, colors persist and are not reassigned.

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