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Vizlib Scatter Chart Properties - Reference Lines


You can add Reference Objects to your Scatter Chart.

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X- and Y- Axis Reference Lines

Reference lines are vertical or horizontal lines in a graph, related with user-defined values on the x-axis and y-axis respectively.  Mathematically speaking a horizontal reference line is displaying all x-values for a given y and a vertical reference line is displaying all y-values for a given x. You can add them easily in your Scatter Chart by just defining the values and labels for X- and Y-Axis reference lines.

Style each of your reference lines.

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Label Font Color

Choose the label color. 

Label Font Size

Set the font-size of the label. 

Label Font Family

Set the font Family of the label (choose one or define your own).

Label Font Style

Decide whether you wish to make the label bold/italic/underlined.

Drop Shadow

Adds shadow effects to your label. 

Label Orientation

Choose between vertical/ horizontal orientation. 

Label Position

Choose the top/ center/ bottom position for the Label on X-Axis reference line.
Choose the left/ center/ right position for the Label on Y-Axis reference line.

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  • Color

Define the color of your reference line. 

  • Width

Define the width (thickness) of your reference line. 

  • Style

Choose normal or dashed line style.

Show/Hide the reference line depending on a calculation condition.

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