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Vizlib Scatter Chart - Bubble Format

Bubble Settings

Here you can style the bubbles of the Scatter Chart.


  • Show Labels

Enable the Label for Bubbles. 

  • Labels Visibility

Set Limited or Conditional visibility. 

  • Avoid Label Overlapping

If enabled - prevents labels from overlapping.

Labels Styling 

  • Label Font Color

Define labels' font color.

  • Label Font Size

Set the Font Style of the Labels (slider or by expression).

  • Label Font Style

Choose the Label Font Family or set your own.

Bubbles Style

  • Bubble Size

Define the Size of the bubbles (slider or by expression).

  • Bubble Border Width

Set the width of the bubbles (slider or by expression).

  • Border Color

Define the Color of the Bubbles Borders.

  • Bubbles Color 

Set the Color of the Bubbles of your Scatter Chart Object.

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